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  • I’ve been to Beauty Choice (aka B Be Beauty) for facials for a few years now. I went there through recommendations and I have also referred a few friends throughout the years. Every time I talk about Be Beauty, I always say this place may be a bit more expensive than other Chinatown facial places but I still prefer it because I get the relaxation and a good facial. I get one on one treatment with my esthetician (in other places one work on two people) and they are very meticulous with the extraction. So in the end it is worth it. However, lately I have not been getting the same experience. They have gotten more business and I feel that they are lacking in attention and facial is not as good. I went there recently and I feel like they didn’t clean my face at all. During my treatment, my esthetician left three times to attend to another customer and one time was gone for nearly 20 min! I was so upset. In the past, my face would clear up a lot after a facial. This time, I can feel that she barely touched my face and I had to tell her to specifically extract some very obvious white heads. If I didn’t say something, she wouldn’t have done it. I didn’t see any improvement on my skin after the facial (this was second one already in one month). So I decided to stop going and extract on my own. There were so many hard oily bumps on my forehead. How can she miss them? I can feel them under my skin. I was not relaxed at my last few facials with the coming and going and the worrying of her not doing a good job. I feel so disappointed but I still have a few more facials in my package. It may be my fault, I tend to get overly excited when I like something and refer all my friends. This may have caused my esthetician to get popular and busier – as a result, less time on me! I hope there will be some improvement on my next facial! I am most upset about the poor job she did. I really liked this place in the past; please go back to being attentive and good.
    By candym12345
  • Had very disappointing experience interviewing with the owner for a sales position and he tried to ask questions as to qualify a person for the position through personal matters. Questions regarding age, children, family life. Roundabout questions hoping you will offer up extra info that may disqualify you as a candidate. I saw right through him. Also when he met me and realized that I had extra weight on me he immediately tried to steer me to a job with no outside contact with people. Little does he know I could run circles around most people. Applicants take note.
    By Shelly F.

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